Metal Oxide Technologies

  • Metal Oxide Technologies Inc. operates from an 11,400 sq-ft facility in Northwest Houston, Texas. MetOx has licensed and developed a proprietary manufacturing technology to produce high temperature superconducting (HTS) wire at commercial price levels. The Company currently holds a non-exclusive worldwide license from the University of Houston to a material history photo(YBCO) developed by the UH at its Texas Center for  Superconductivity and an exclusive  worldwide license to deposition  technology developed by the UH at its Space  Vacuum Epitaxy Center.

     The basic science for MetOx's  revolutionary epitaxial growth production technology was advanced through SVEC experiments flown on three NASA space shuttle flights in 1994, 1995, and 1996. The Wake Shield Facility shuttle experiments ( see photo) advanced earth based epitaxial growth technology in the near perfect vacuum of earth orbit. MetOx has applied for 23 US and foreign patents to protect its intellectual property.

    The company is currently operating a continuous production system and producing limited quantities of short length demonstration HTS wire using this system. MetOx plans to upgrade its existing prototype droduction system to produce longer lengths of commercially marketable HTS wire. The company further plans to expand its HTS wire production capability with new full scale prodcution lines able to address enormous wasiting markets. As soon as feasible, MetOx expects to apply its unique process to manufacture wires with different thickness and shapes to expand the applications of its second generation HTS wire.